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Look-up from a looked-up linked record

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I'm trying to see if there's a way to do a look-up on a linked record that's in a look-up field?

I have three tables, one for the overall project (like, "Q1 Product"), one for production phases (like "planning," "writing," "design," etc. so I can show them on a timeline), and one for production pieces (like, "magazine," "packaging," "instructions," etc.).

The phases for a project get linked to the overall project, and the pieces for a project get linked to the overall project. That's already a lot of linking and record creation for a project, and the phases are only loosely associated with the pieces, so I don't have the phases and pieces linked together, just to the overall project.

What I want to do is pull some info out of a phase record and pass it to a piece record. So I was thinking, just do a lookup of the linked phases on the overall project, and then make another lookup field to pull info out of that lookup of links. However, it looks like lookups only work on linked record fields, so I can't do anything with a lookup of linked records besides see what the links are. Is there a way to get info out of a linked record that's in a lookup?

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I believe if you refine your data structure and tables all data would be linked.

If there are tables A, B, C; you can link C > B & B > A OR C > B & C > A

A Customers

B Projects : A_Linked

C Project-List : B_Linked, D_Linked

D Product/Service