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6 - Interface Innovator

We are a charity amateur brass band in the UK which plays music at charity events and teaches music to members of the community of all ages. We have approximately 100 members and will probably not grow very much bigger. I have designed our membership and stock database on Airtable. We will have about 10 collaborators, so would never be able to spend $50 a month to install blocks. However, we are looking for a solution to be able to send group emails to the membership from the database, so that leaders are compliant with GDPR and don’t have personal lists on their computer. Do you have any ideas that might help us?

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If you do not need a true mail merge, and just need a way to easily get a group of email addresses, you could use a rollup to consolidate the email addresses into a comma separated list. Then you can copy paste into some other email program.

However, if you are going to be sending emails to 100 people at a time, sending email from a personal email account isn’t going to work. You can look into 3rd party email services. Some of them have free tiers that might work with your numbers.

Yes, similar to what @kuovonne suggested, you can just export your data as a .CSV file and then import it into any sort of email service such as MailChimp.

Many thanks Kuovonne. That’s very helpful. One trick suggested was to create views of the different groups and just click in the header of the email column and copy. I didn’t know that would copy the contents of each cell in the column and actually works if pasted into an email application. I will look into your suggestion for larger groups such as ‘all members’ though. Thanks very much.

Thanks Scpttworld. I will look into Mail Chimp.