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Making song lists in airtable

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hello, i’m new to this and i’m wondering what the best way to approach putting lists of songs in here! basically i have too many playlists on spotify and i don’t listen to all of them anyway, because it is more like categorising them.

on spotify i have different folders and multiple playlists within them, e.g instruments: piano, guitar etc. i’d like to transfer that over to here and have the fields be the song names of those categories.

what’s the best way i can make this without it getting too overwhelming? just for reference i have at least 100 playlists that i’d want to transfer, over like 15 folders. thanks!

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Hi @Aisha_Bashir ,
had a quick look on your need, hope Top 10 Lists of 2018 from Airtable universe can help you.

On part of folder feature, it’s not implemented in Airtable.