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Managing multiple clients

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Hello! I’m pretty new to Airtable and wondering if someone could help me. I would like to create a base that helps me track grant calendars for multiple clients at once. Ideally, I’d have an ALL tab that shows me all the grants all at once, organized by deadlines (and able to view as grid or calendar) with a column to tag clients. Then I’d like to have tabs for each individual client where the info from ALL automatically populates to the individual tabs. (For example if I had 3 clients and 2 were applying for the ABC Foundation, the main ALL tab would include the ABC Foundation with deadline, then I could also see the ABC Foundation deadline on each of the 2 clients tabs who are applying to that grant.) This might be something simple, I’m just struggling to figure it out!

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Is there any particular reason you want each Client to have their own table, instead of a filtered view in the [Grants] table? It sounds like you could make one table for [Grants] and one table for [Clients] and use filters to selectively show grants matching to clients.

Great! I’ll give that a whirl. That’s basically what I was hoping for. Do you know if I’d be able to share a version with clients that only showed their grants then?

Yes, you can share a public link to each view individually. They won’t be able to make edits to it, though.