Merge rows from different tables into one master table based on email

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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve scoured the forums and docs for a solution to this for the past couple days, but am still struggling to determine if and how it’s possible, plus how much manual work or custom scripting it requires.

I have three separate tables, two of which are imported CSVs. They have totally different columns, but each has a column labeled email, EMAIL, or Email with an email.

I want to create a master table that uses the email as a unique ID and pulls in data from the three source tables. I’d like to update the two tables using CSV imports periodically and have the master table reflect any changes to existing records. In addition, I want to automatically create new rows when an email appears in a source table that isn’t already in the master table.

I’ve set up Zaps to automatically create a new row in the master table for new emails when the two CSV import tables change. At this point, I have a master table with all the emails imported successfully from the 3 source tables. However, none of the rows are linked to the source table rows.

Do I have to manually edit 3 cells for each row in the master table to link it to the respective source? How can I avoid doing this and automatically link one master row with one row in each of the 3 source tables based on the email in the master row, both now and when the source tables are updated in the future?

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