Move/copy tables from one base to another

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have seen several closed posts on this question, with no workable solution, so I’m going to post a similar question, with detail:

I have created a scheduler template for our company’s research projects - it is very complex, lots of formulas, rollups, counts, etc. It also has a wide array of views and blocks for different internal users. It took many, many hours to perfect and test. Now I need to reuse it for each of our projects - specifically, I need to add the 4 tables that make up this base to other existing bases. I am forced to do this because I can’t reference one base from another, so we are making a single huge base for each client - one that holds a ton of tables, so that we can reference data across those tables.

The only solutions I have seen either involve exporting/importing a csv, or doing a cut and paste. Unfortunately, both of those kluges only move the values, but lose all the formulas, rollups, etc., which are the important (and time-consuming) part.

Users have been requesting this ability for at least three years, and I don’t see any responses or movement from AirTable on this. Are there any REAL solutions in the offing? I worked so hard on creating these tables, and I’d hate to think that I have to completely rebuild the damn things every time I need to use them on a different project. Alternatively, if I could simply reference the data between tables, I could keep a separate scheduler base and not have to create gigantic bases simply to enable that.

Thanks for your time and attention. Move/copy tables from one base to another

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