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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all,

I have an automation that needs to send an email to several people in one organization (the record is the organization). Is it possible to add more than one email address into the same field (Email? text?) rather than me creating 5 different fields that are all columns? 

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Hey @Limi

The straight forward method that falls along the same lines as best practices would be to have your email address data live in another table.
Suppose we have a Sales object and a Contacts object.

We need to send an email relating to the Sale record to all the linked Contact records.
Since the email addresses of individual contacts is relevant to the Contact record, you'd simply link your contacts to the related sales records.
Now, you'll be able to quickly automate the process of grabbing all the email addresses of your contacts by leveraging the Find records automation action.
Bringing it all together, you'd just plug in the list of all the email addresses in your automation and you're ready to roll!

An email field is essentially a single line text field. You can type multiple email address in it, separated with commas.