Re: Multiple issues from one form? Linking out of a form?

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4 - Data Explorer


I've started using Airtable recently and have now run into two issues, that stopp me from really using it fully. One of them is:

I use Airtable to track deliveries. We get orders which usually contain a series of Deliveries, 99% of the time containing identical items but with different order numbers and delivery dates.

I'd love to have one form where a I can put in such orders, which fields to put in as many orders as needed, each creating their own issue upon submitting the form.

Is that possible with Airtable and/ or Fillout for Airtable???


Second problem: 

I need to have items for the deliveries created. I have Inventory items, that already exist. But since items within deliveries get serial numbers, notes, etc., I can't just use them, I need to create ´Delivery Items out of Delivery + Inventory item. In a form I can pick the inventory item, but I've not yet found a way to a) create the Delivery Items from the form and b) link those to the Delivery, so I don't have to do at manually for each of the dozens of items.

Can anyone help here...?

(See grafik attached, maybe then my rambling makes a little more sense....or not^^)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Does anyone know any solutions to these...?