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Multiple Newsletter Ad Scheduling

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I manage 3 e-newsletters for my non-profit. Ads come from the same group of advertisers. Newsletters monthly, quarterly and a set schedule.

What is the best way to schedule all 3 publications in one base?

For some reason I just can’t wrap my head around the layout.


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I still need help trying to design this base. Currently, tracking via excel spreadsheets is not optimal since I published ads in the wrong newsletter.


Hey Lenette,

There are probably multiple ways you could do this, but here’s an option.

Create 1 table for Newsletters, 1 for Ads, and 1 for Schedule. Create a linked record field between Newsletters and Ads, and then create a linked record field between Schedule and Newsletters.

Then, add a Lookup field in the Schedule table that looks up the Ads field inside the Newsletter table. Create specific views with filters by date.

You might consider hiring an Airtable expert in the Hire a Consultant channel or view a list of consultants here who can help you with the best way to structure it.

Good luck!