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I want to design a Post Production Schedule base that allows me to track multiple team members through multiple projects: 13 Editors working on 30+ different projects. Each project has the same milestones but at different times, and I want to be able to see all projects in one calendar, as well as each project in one calendar and each team member in one calendar. Do I set up a Table for each Project, with a template of “EVENTS” for the repeating milestones, then other Tables for each Team Member with linked fields to populate their particular scheduled milestones? Any advice on a base design approach would be most appreciated. Total Newbie to Airtable but familiar with relational databases. Many thanks!

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Hey @Robert_Ivison

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Most likely, you need to create a single Projects table and then create multiple views filtered to that specific Editor. You can create Calendar views that are filtered to the Editor or a Calendar view that displays all Project dates.

Then, create a Tasks/Milestones table that links to your Projects table. Then create another table for your Team Member that’s linked to the Task and one that’s linked to the Project. A linked field to both the Task and the Projects is assuming you have a few people (say 2-3) per task that needs to be completed and then you have more (maybe it’s 12) people linked to the entire large Project.

To view dates from multiple tables (both your Projects and Tasks/Milestones), you need to use the Master Calendar app

You could create an automation that automatically creates a list of Tasks/Milestones per Project.

You can also create tasks with a script

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable

Thanks a lot Hannah, that helps a lot and gets me started. I had each project on its own table so I could duplicate it and change the dates accordingly. I’m figuring out the linked field thing now.
So…you’re saying put a linked field for each “EVENT” in the task list on the EDITOR table, and that will be where the start and end dates are entered…?

Thanks for your kind welcome and assistance


Yes, I would suggest keeping all Projects in one table. It’s easier for filtering and reporting if needed. In the long run, it’s better to keep the same ‘Type’ of data in a single table, not multiple tables.

Yes, Linked records are one of the best Airtable features.

You’ll most likely want to use linked records from Editors to both the Projects and the Events/Tasks table. As far as your start and end dates, I’m guessing you need to track dates for your Project as a whole and also when each individual Event Task. You can add start and end dates in both tables.

It might help to copy this template into your workspace to get a head start on your layout and help understand the structure.

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable