need to change base that data is synced from

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have an interface that pulls data from our working base.

We have recently begun to approach our max limits on that working base. I have duplicated the working base and called that duplicate "Archive01".  

I plan to delete all but a year's worth of data from our working base to free up space, leaving the "Archive01" base to contain past historical information.

I have an interface that currently looks to the working base to import data and produce charts to assess the past 3 years worth of work. I now need to change that sync to have it pull the data from the "Archive01" base instead so I can maintain all the charts.

However, when I go into the sync configurations to change it, I am only allowed to change what VIEW I want to pull data from. I am unable to change the BASE.

Any idea how I can keep my interface connected to all that data so I don't have to redo all the charts??

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Hm, I don't think that's possible I'm afraid

It sounds like you want to have two interfaces, one that looks at current data and another that looks at the historical data?  If so, doesn't the duplicated base's interface work for that? 

I feel like I'm missing something, sorry!

ah, I guess I did leave out information!

My interface is using data from 2 different bases, so in order to normalize the field names and data in a  logical way (because each base is operated by different teams who track their data differently), I created a "BOB" base (base of bases) specifically to pull in all the info, map the fields, and have all the data in 1 table, which seemed necessary in order to build the interface. (yes? no?)

Now that I want BOB to pull in data from the Design team's Archive01 base, instead of our everyday base, I can't find a way to tell BOB "hey, look at Archive01 instead of Design base"

Screen shot attached. 

When I try to change the source, it tells me I can only select a new view, but it has to be in the same table. I need to change the BASE it's looking at

So instead of it looking at:   Marketing & Design > IG tally/ALL > IG All
I need it to look at:  Archive01 > IG tally/ALL > IG All

Even if it lets me point to a new base, I fear it's going to break all my interface chart settings  😞 

Wondering if I should have set up the interface data in a different way completely?

Oh hm, that's interesting.  If I'm understanding you right, your interface in "TEST M&D Tracker" is using the data from the "ALL jobs + IGs" table, right?  If so, I think that if you add a new source to that table your interface should be fine since it's mapped to the fields.  Did it bug out when you tried that?

Thanks for that kickstart. I did add 2 new sources, pointing to the new base. It temporarily doubled all the data. I deleted the original sources. Needed to do some minor tweaking to ensure the new sources mapped the same.  It appears to be resolved now! Thank you