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4 - Data Explorer

often need move record to another base in my record via right mouse click

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Welcome to the community, @Yanar_Evdokimov! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: We’re going to need a lot more detail before we can help. A one-line post doesn’t give us much to work with. Could you explain more about the design of your base, and more details about why you want to move data from one place to another?

Records live within the table where they were created. They can’t be moved to other tables, either in the same base or in another base.

The latter part of that—“another base in my record”—isn’t phrased correctly. Bases aren’t in records. Workspaces contain bases, bases contain tables, and tables contain records. Did you mean “another base in my workspace”? If so, you could use an integration service like Zapier or Integromat to read the data from one record and create a similar record anywhere else. However…

…not like that. Airtable’s contextual (right mouse button) menu can’t be modified. The automation created via Zapier or Integromat would need to be triggered some other way. Once we have more details from you regarding your base setup and how you want things to work, we can start looking at specific solutions.