Please Help! Client Onboarding Tracker using Same Tasks (Gantt View)

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone! I've been working on Airtable for a while now but I'm by no means an expert so I'm pretty confused about how to set this up for my boss 😞

What I'm trying to do:

Each client goes through an onboarding process that contains the same steps/tasks. These tasks have durations and overlap, in total can take up to 90 days.

I'm trying to use a Gantt or Timeline view where I can set the start date for a client's onboarding process and then the tasks will auto-populate with the correct deadlines based on the start date. The tasks can be completed earlier or later than the deadline depending on the client's situation, and the subsequent tasks should adjust accordingly.

I'm trying to view multiple clients' progress at the same time, which is why I was hoping to use a Gantt or Timeline view. This would let me see which task we're at for onboarding for each client at any given time.

I'm also trying to set up automated alerts so that once a task is completed, the next person is notified to begin their task (I think I can figure this one out).

Ideally, I want to visualize this whole thing in a dashboard where I can select a client and all their info, onboarding progress, and products show up.


What I've done:

I created a "Client Onboarding Tracking" table and a "Onboarding Tasks" table and linked them. I've listed out all the appropriate tasks in the onboarding process. I've played around in the Dashboard setting to see how this could potentially lay out.


What I don't understand:

Do I just link the tasks directly to each client (one field with all the tasks linked)? I've been going through soooo many forums and reddit posts and quite a few say that the tasks must have unique names for each client, in which case I'm confused because what if the repeating tasks exceed the record limit? Or is that rare?

Happy to provide any additional info/clear things up. I truly appreciate any help I can get on this! Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Kiran_Dhatt 

My first thought would be to create a junction table that you fill with x onboarding tasks per client, using an automation. 

Table 1 with clients.
Table 2 with onboarding steps.
Table 3 (joint table) with 1 record per client and per onboarding step (not linked to table 2, unless you want data on how may clients are linked to those steps and/or how many clients still have step x, y or z open). That way, you can store data per step per client.