Populate a m-to-n relation with a field constraint

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I’m a newbe with Airtable but I already love it. It is very powerfull and easy to use.

I have a problem to solve if I want to adopte it: I need to populate fields in two related tables using the field value of one of those to select a right value for a field in the second one.

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I have to manage the attendances of a school where I have

  • a Registration table with the Registration’s ID, a Student’s ID and a Course’s ID
  • a Calendars table with the Calendar’s ID, a Date and a Course’s ID.

A Calendar is a list of date of each Course.

To trace the attendance I need only to put a multi record link field (called Attendances) defined in Registration. Automatically, Airtable create a multi record link field in Calendars.

Perfect? No. When I want to select one or more value in the field Attendance of the Registrations table Airtable list all the Calendars available records and not only those Calendars for the Course chosen in the Registration.

How can I to filter the Calendars in the linked field using the Course ID in the current Registration to limit the the Calendars proposed to those of that Course?

Maybe the problem is that while the Rollup field enable a filter condition, a Link/Select field cannot?
Is there a workaround for that?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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