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4 - Data Explorer

I don’t believe my requirement is all that complex, but I’m having difficulty understanding how to work out what relationships are need in order to build a suitable base.

I have multiple projects in progress. Each project is supplied by a selected list of suppliers, not every supplier on every project. I would like to track projects to the point where they complete, at which time I then invoice for commission. Some projects may have early quotes associated with them from each of their suppliers.

This seems like it should be a standard thing to be doing - common practice in my industry, so is there a template base that would immediately suit this requirement? Or do I have to build one from scratch?

Many thanks


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey Dave, thanks for asking about this – you could check out or for some inspiration. Still, I put together a quick screencast in which I talked through how I’d set up a base for this use-case.

So you have it, here’s a link to the base from the screencast. You can copy the base to your own Airtable account (and in turn explore how the fields are configured) by clicking Copy base in the top right corner.

Hope this helps!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Pete,

Thanks very much for doing that. I have already got past those stages, by creating multiple tables. It is the linking of the tables that confuses me. Rather than try to describe what I am trying to achieve is it possible for you to see my account?