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Question: Form from linked tables with categories & sub-categories

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4 - Data Explorer

I've been using airtable in its most basic functionalities for a year or so now, though hoping to dive into it a little more deeply this winter. There's a specific tool I wish to build and have a roadblock that I think shows my novice status. 

The vision of the tool is that it'd function for capturing and organizing ideas and information I get in my day to day between the different life focuses (categories) and I'm not sure how to structure the tables or links/relationships. Essentially I currently take down my ideas and useful information in a notepad. Every once and a while I go through and sort it into some documents with sections. However, I figured why not create a form I can put the ideas into that categorizes them upon entry?

For example, I'd have some main categories and each would have subcategories so I could have a field for inputting the idea, then choose the category it belongs to and subcategories and it'd organize it upon entry. For example (categories and subcategories):

  • Book I'm writing
    • Concept 1
    • Concept 2
    • Concept 3
  • My home/land
    • building
    • ecological design
    • economy


  • my business
    • recruitment, onboarding, training
    • values
    • services

I'd love to be able to choose the category (table), then subcategory and have the entry organized into the correct table and section of the table (likely with each table organized by the subcategory for viewing). Even better if I can add subcategories on the fly.

I guess the questions are:

1) What's the best way to link these for showing up in the app as well organized selections

2) What are the options for tables and linking records? Should I have a table that connects the different categories. Due to my lack of experience I'm having trouble envisioning what the layout and functionality could/should be

3) what's the best form to use. should I use a glide app linked to airtable? I believe the issue with glide is that i cant edit the categories/subcategories on the fly. Is the airtable form easy to link to your phone homescreen?

Thank you for your patience and creative input!

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