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This is my Kanban View for Production Workflow. Once a video is reached at the status uploaded, I want to moved to another Kanban view in the same table. How to do that?

Once it is moved to another table it should be not in first Kanban view.

First Kanban View - Kanban Workflow
Second Kanban View - Kanban 2
Both Kanban are in the same Table

Here is the image -

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Hi @Mohsin_Raza ,
A view of a table, is nothing more than a filtering or grouping of all data in that table.

In you first Kanban view, add a filter only show status < than upload.
Then in your second Kanban view add a filter for status > upload

You will still have all of the status columns in both views, but you will only see records that conform to the status in your filters.