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4 - Data Explorer

I'm developing a complex reimbursement database and need help:

  • There are 7 divisions,  each division has 3 credit cards and each card has 3 reimbursable categories (for example: food, travel, leisure), each division has 8 employees.
  • Each employee has a budget set from the credit cards their division is assigned, For example, Mark from division #1 has $1000 in food funds, $1000 in travel funds & $1000 in leisure funds. 

What is the simplest way to do the following:

When Mark fills out a reimbursement form detailing the transaction

(1) He can detail how much of his transaction goes to travel, food, and/or leisure (one transaction can go to multiple categories.)

(2) When I go in to verify his transaction I need to be able to see how much money he has left in each of these categories (if he spent more that his remaining budget) 

(3) Track how much each division, category, and employee is spending/spent.

**Note that budget, credit cards, and categories differ between each division**

Feel free to recommend Extensions if needed. 

I  developed a database that meets all of these objectives but it is so complicated! I'd like to think there is an easier way to do it. 

Thank you in advance!

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Does your setup currently involve a third table where each record represents a single reimbursement from a single employee, with the category and credit cards linked, followed by another table where each record represents a single month and a link to one of the following?

1. Divison
2. Employee - Category
3. Any other data you want rolled up by the month

If so, that's (probably?) the only way to do it I think