Rollup a list of Collaborators?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is it possible to make a rollup field where the output is a list of user records (linked records, not just flattened names)? Alternatively, is there a way to filter duplicates out of a Lookup field?

My example:
-Contracts table, Budgets table, Users (collaborators) table. 
-Budgets table is linked to Users table (each budget has a specific User who's in charge of expenses on that budget)
-Contracts table is linked to Budgets table (each contract is going to be paid for with one or multiple budgets)
-I need a way to have a column of UNIQUE values, looking up who the User(s) are who control the Budget(s) that I have linked to this specific contract. These Users will each have an approval task for this Contract.

I can do a simple Lookup column to get the list, but if the same User controls 3 of the Budgets we're using to pay this contract, her name shows up 3 times.

I can do a rollup using ARRAYUNIQUE to get a list of names that doesn't have duplicates, but this is just a flattened list of names separated by commas. I need the actual linked User records so I can create the approval tasks for them. 

Is there any way around this?


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I don't think so I'm afraid.  I usually just end up creating a lookup field in the junction table and then creating a rollup field with ARRAYUNIQUE() in the table I actually want to display the data in

Would love to hear other solutions to this issue too