See more than 2 dates per record in timeline view?

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7 - App Architect

Is there anyway to set up timeline or gnatt views to see more than 2 dates?

Currently I have the "duration" of the record, but there is a repeated "event" that happens through the duration of the record (recorded in another table with a link to the first table). I'd like to be able to visualize when these events are occurring on the same timeline, is that possible?

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I can think of a few options, depending on your use case.

Airtable uses the calendar view as a database. This means each repeating event would need to be its own record. Might get complicated, but you could also set up automations to create these repeating events. This solution is good if you want to be able to control each event's details individually. Like if you have documents to attach uniquely to each event, having each event as as separate record makes the most sense.

Another option would be to have multiple date fields. The calendar view allows you to use multiple date fields per record. To set these date fields up, you could use a formula that displays as a date field. Maybe make a number field that tells each formula to populate depending on the number field. This could mean a lot of extra fields in one record, but could also work.

To clarify, I'm talking about timeline view, not calendar view.


@Sistema_Aotearo wrote:

This means each repeating event would need to be its own record. 

So, the events exist as their own record in their own table. However, they are linked to the first table, and I'd like to be able to see each event on the linear timeline, in relation to the "duration" of the record.