Simple way to use data from one Base in other Bases?

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I’m fairly new to Airtable and not skilled in databases either. Also, I’ve looked thru the support forums for direction but all the relevant posts seem complicated/overkill. Hoping there’s a straightforward solution to what feels like a simple problem…

We’ve got several Bases, for different purposes, but they all rely on the same data/list in one way or another. We’re trying to put this “universal” data in a separate Base, then link/import it to all the other Bases.

Specifically, we’re a podcast network with a list of different shows we produce. The Show List is the “universal” data, needed in other bases for recruiting (which show is this role for?), interview questions (again, which show do these questions pertain to?), Advertisers (which shows are they advertising on?)…a dozen tables, all needing the Show List in some way. Currently we add a Table in each Base and paste the list of shows. But, each time we change the Show List, we have to update all the tables, which, of course, we don’t do diligently.

Any ideas for how a n00b can create a separate base for our Show List and link to it in all the other Bases? Thanks for your help and suggestions!


Scot B.

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Check out Airtable Syncing: