Solutions needed for 100k+ row Airtable base

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

upgrading to Airtable's Enterprise plan would remove the base row limits and allow more automations, but as of my knowledge , it is very expensive around 10k$?

We have a large dataset that exceeds the 100,000 row limit per Airtable base. We also need more than the 25 automations allowed in the base. Upgrading to Enterprise is not feasible due to high cost. 


We're looking for more affordable solutions to handle our large dataset size and automation needs within Airtable's business solutions. 

Has anyone found creative ways to structure large datasets across multiple linked bases or integrate affordable supplementary tools to overcome Airtable limits?

We'd love to hear any cost-effective ideas or solutions that don't involve upgrading to the expensive Enterprise tier.

Even partial solutions could give us ideas to explore further. We greatly appreciate any insights the community can offer!

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