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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a table called 'jira tickets' with a single select column called 'status' with options like new, in progress, done, closed etc.

The options in the single select are ordered appropriately within the field definition and so if I group by the status field within the jira tickets table, the groups are correctly ordered.

But I have another table called 'work items' that links to the 'jira tickets' table and has a lookup field on the 'status' column.  Now when I group by the status lookup (in the context of the 'work items' table), the groups are unsorted by the original configuration.  And you can't override this on the level of the work items table because when you edit the lookup field, you don't see the options to be able to sort them.

Is it possible to enforce the original order of the lookup field when grouping from a linked table?  I understand perhaps I could achieve this using a rollup, but it's so much less aesthetically pleasing I'm really hoping to avoid that.

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