Sorted Table always starts at bottom of table. How to start at top?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Ok, I am pretty sure I posted this before but let me try again to explain an issue I have that is impacting my web page.

  1. I created a gallery of News items with pictures.
  2. The Primary key in a date field
  3. Airtable defaults to sort oldest first
  4. I set sort to oldest last because when folks get to this table I want the newest items displayed first.

All this works but here is the issue:
5. Each time I go to input a new record Airtable always starts at the bottom with the oldest posts and I have to scroll to the top to see latest posts. Not much of an issue because it is only me and the scrolling to get back to the top is not a big deal.
6. The issue is that on my WIX website the same happens to customers. It shows them the latest posts and to complicate the issue the scroll bar to the top is not very easy to find because there is a window scroll and a table scroll. The current setting makes a user believe the data is old and I lose customers.

How do I make Airtable start at the top with the issue3 newest items first? This goes for Airtable work as well as once I publish the table on my WIX page. I would think it would do this by default based on the sort order, but that assumption is wrong.

Is there a way to do this?

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