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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi there - Is it possible to drag and drop to sort as a feature? For instance steps in a task where someone would be adding multiple tasks.

Right now, it’s very binary as in A-Z with only numbers, characters and order of single select and does not currently have a way to drag and drop to sort or change sort order.

I am considering writing code to update sorting order in a group but thought I would ask:

  1. Is there a way right now?
  2. Any sample scripting?
  3. if you were making something to sort (for instance to have a set of steps to perform a task in a task-management feature) how would you go about it
  4. How might one find out the current order in scripting and then the new order? I assume updating a column to have the steps but I am not sure how to find the number in a group, for instance.
  5. How to find the number or all values in a group?

Thanks in advance,

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If the view is not set to keep sorted, you can drag and drop records to change their order. Scripting can query the view to get the records in the view’s order, although if the view has grouping you might have to manually deal with grouping. The script can then update a numeric field so that the numeric order matches the manual order.

Hi @kuovonne - Yes, I am aware of this, but am looking for something that will maintain the sort order if another column is used to sort.

Do you know how to obtain a list from a group via scripting?

Also, I am not sure how to implement an automation of the order is changed. Is it possible?

As I said in my previous post, scripting can query the view to get the records in the view’s order, then the script must manually do the grouping. If you are interested in more detailed instructions from me and have budget, feel free to book an appointment with me.

Automations cannot be triggered by a manual resort of records, or any other change in the user interface. Automation can only be triggered by a data change to a record or by schedule.

Hi @kuovonne - Thanks. Maybe it is a new feature that Airtable will find useful.