Sudden drop in base performance

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone!

I discovered Airtable about a year ago and have been so impressed by the functionality in brings to an analytics system! Has solved a deep conundrum I have always had with giving users an interface to interact with the data manually / flag things / add their own insights, that I can easily feed back into other systems.

One of those key bases has suddenly started becoming practically unusable due to a huge drop in performance. It’s got around 12k rows, roughly 120 columns (all strings / numbers), and if I perform a full download using the API I can see it’s only about 37MB in size.
The base doesn’t contain any fancy Airtable fields or linked fields even, so given its size and simple functionality, should be performing fine! We are on one of the higher tier plans so that row count should not be an issue.

Does anyone have any tips on performance optimization, and also perhaps tools I can use to figure out what is causing the base to be so slow?
The base is constantly filtered and unfiltered, but whenever the latter is performed, the entire page freezes and dies.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @William_Guicheney! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This is primarily a user forum, and there isn’t anything at the user level (that I’m aware of) that will impact Airtable’s performance. Your best bet is to reach out directly to Airtable support about the performance issues you’re experiencing.