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4 - Data Explorer


I have 2 slightly different views which I want to sync / share at the same time...

one has info for sending mail, and the other will be for receiving responses.

We will use one single select field / column that has statuses, so when we send the mails, we will mark it 'sent' and then when we receive the responses, we will use the same field/column, but arranged in a different view which should live beneath the sending view in one single table, but change the status to whatever the responses is which will be a single select drop down menu with responses such as 'interested' or 'maybe another time' etc... 

all good so far?

now, I want to set this up in one main template, and then sync/share the 2 views, multiple times, over and over again, each time I start a new project which follows the same process, right? Then when I update the data in the template, which is the start point 'master contact data' - it gets updated across all the various projects...

Sync seems to be really robust as long as you only want to create a brand new table.

But my main question here is - can I sync and share multiple views of the same table (in this case 2 views, but in future likely more like 4 views) at once, and how do I do that?

I hunted around and watched a lot of people's syncing videos on youtube etc but no one seems to be doing this.

Many many many thanks

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