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Hello, I work on the office side of a housing renovation company. I am trying to streamline our projects to maximize our efficiency. I am hoping to create a table where the renovating employees can check off tasks within projects within workspaces in the house within the stage of the house that a workspace is in. Perhaps, I am just not familiar enough with Airtable or the feature is just not available. Can you please help? I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you!

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Hi @James_Campbell,
What you are describing can absolutely be done in Airtable. You might want to start your project off with one of the prebuilt Airtable templates. There are plenty of Project and Task management options to choose from.

You may end up adding a new table that outlines Workspaces and their Stages and then link those to Projects.

If you get stuck, let us know.

Just a warning before you get too far in case this is an issue, but only collaborators on the base can check off items. Unless you are on a free plan (with its many limits) this means that you would have to pay for each and every employee who would need to be able to check off items. This can become cost prohibitive for some companies. Some people get around this restriction by having employees share an account, but I do not recommend this method. Other people deal with this by layering a third party portal on top of Airtable (and pay monthly fees to the third party).

I still am a little stuck despite the helpful example you gave. Maybe it’ll help to clarify what I’m trying to do by expounding a little. Here’s what I’m looking for:

House Overview

Painting Lighting Flooring Plumbing Shoe Finish Work Cabinets/Countertops


  • Kitchen

  • Install all Lights

  • Install Kitchen Light

  • Install Kitchen Sink Light- Install all Outlets

  • Install GFCIs- Install all Light Switches- Master Bedroom

  • Install Ceiling Fan

  • Get into attic and secure electrical box with wood stud

  • Run wire from junction box to master electrical box

  • Assemble and hang Ceiling fan- Install all Outlets

  • Rewire

  • Install Outlets

  • Put on Electrical Plates- Dining Room
    At the top, I have my House Overview. We’re in the lighting stage of the house renovation. From there, I’m looking for a way to have an individual subset of tasks within a project that is not connected to tasks within another project. Same thing with the projects. I want a different set of projects within that specific workspace that won’t get mixed up with other projects in other workspaces. I would like to be able to view this all in one Workspace Table. Is this available in a free Airtable plan? Can you help with this? I hope this was somewhat clarifying, not confusing.

Thanks for all your help guys!

Hi @James_Campbell,
All plans in Airtable can do what you are wanting to accomplish.

Create a table called workspace, list them all per row.
Add a field, link to another record, create table Projects
Open the Projects table and rename it, List all projects per row
Add a field, link to another record, create table Tasks
Open the Tasks table and rename it, List all tasks per row

Open the Projects table and link the Tasks to the corresponding Project
Open the Workspace table and link the Projects to the Workspaces

Now you can use Roll Ups and Counts to show you incomplete tasks at the Workspace level (I am on the free plan)

Ah, I see. Thank you very, very much for all your help!