Task list or Checklist all user have same checklist

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4 - Data Explorer

Thanks in advance for the help . I am new to Airtables have been using Zoho creator for years.
What I want should be simple I just need some pointers and example would be really great .

Basically I will have a list of task . The list will get longer each day .Each time I invite a collaborator or person to the list they will have the same steps to complete as the others…
I was planning on using link for each person instead of sending invite .

When a collaborator or person completes a task it is removed from their view , sorted to bottom whatever.

I only want each person to see the task they have left not everyone elses task.

Currently I have 450 people to give this task list

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable has some significant differences Zoho. One main difference is how they handle “users”. In Airtable, all users have the ability to see everything in the base and if you have a paid plan, you must pay for all users.

Because you want 450 people to be able to edit records and see only their own records, I recommend that you look into a third party integration such as Stacker or MiniExtensions.