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4 - Data Explorer

I tried searching but couldn’t find the answer.

I’m looking for advice on how to track who has the next step in a project. For instance, I have many projects, linked to my tasks (one table for projects, one for tasks). I am looking for advice for ways to track who has the next step, when that step is due or promised.

Right now, I have the following columns on my projects and on my tasks:
Owner, Due Date, status(planned, active, waiting, done).

But, I am running into the issue where I have a hard time seeing when something is due vs when it is promised to me. Is the answer to make a column for due date, another column for promised date, and then a column for who has next step, and who is owning the task?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

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Yes, I think that’s worth a try :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi @Greg and welcome to the community!

I suggest working with a “junction table” so you can add more information for each task.

Thank you for the input. I was using a junction table to pull in customer information, such as CustomerName, Region, etc. But I have since removed it and will replace it with another junction table because I think what you are saying is the following.

  1. Create a junction table to pull in information from my Tasks Table and Subtasks table

  2. On the junction table:

  • Pull in Task information, such as: TaskName, Status, owner, task due date
  • Pull in subtask information, such as SubTaskName, Status, owner, subtask due date

Then create the following fields on the junction table

  • Task promised date, who has next step,
  • Subtask promised date, who has next step
  • etc.

Is this what you are saying?
Also, one more question. If this is your suggestion, does this mean that the best way to operate progress of tasks and subtasks is to work from the Junction table (instead of editing the tasks table, and the subtasks table)?

Thanks much for your input.

Yes, I think that’s worth a try :cowboy_hat_face: