Tradeshow Schedule and Deliverables Base Design?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am looking to build a base for Tradeshow scheduling, deliverables, budget, attendance, and post show statistics. For context we are a manufacturer who attends other tradeshows with a booth and a set of products. My role is to make sure the marketing materials are created and produced, the logistics of products and booth to be delivered, while staying within a budget.

The goal would be to track the amount of time until a tradeshow and track the deliverables and their due dates needed before the tradeshow occurs. Separately I would report the budget of the tradeshow as a whole (if we exceeded or came under) along with the activities that made up for it.

As a stretch goal, i'd like to create a form that would populate into the base with Tradeshow Name, Dates, Attending, Goals, and budget which would create the backfill dates of tasks leading up to the tradeshow.

I've drawn out how i'd like the data to be in relation with each other as well as a form design i'd like for the data to be created with

Are there templates, guides, or airtable architects that would be helpful in capturing this data? Using the Event Manager base has been helpful in some respects to tracking but I'm looking to customize it as an exhibitor rather than as a host that it leans more to. Any help is appreciated!


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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Alex,

It sounds like you've got a great start. Airtable is a great tool and can be customized to fit your specifications. We would be happy to help advise or assist with your project. Take a look and reach out if you would like to discuss. 

Thank you!