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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to build an app to help Ukrainian families get out of the country by pairing them up with available drivers. It’s time critical and in a very literal sense, life and death matter. Unfortunately most
Ukrainians don’t speak English. Is there any chance your platform can support Russian? I’d take a super alpha version if you had one. If not, are you aware of any platform that supports Russian and could provide a fast way to prototype something quick? Appreciate any help you can provide.

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What kind of app you are trying to create and why do you need Russian/Ukrainian language support?
You can give a base/table/field a Cyrillic name, and if you want them to fill some form, it’s name and fields to fill can be Cyrillic as well.
For hints about app design, you can write me in PM (on russian/ukrainian/english - doesn’t matter), but I haven’t much time to be involved in it’s building.

Thank you! How do I use Cyrillic for everything you mentioned? (table names, field names etc). I never used AirTable before. Any links to the resources are appreciated. Below is what would be nice to create. If you have any suggestions as far as frameworks, I’d appreciate your feedback.

A mobile-based application that provides an intake mechanism for families in need, geolocation tracking for drivers involved in the transportation, a payment mechanism for drivers involved in transportation, and booking options for lodging along the journey. The application should either include a communication method within the app, or integrate easily with preferred communication mechanisms such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram. Finally, the application should provide ability for drivers/users to mark dangers or difficulties along the route as helpful indicators for future drivers (similar to feedback loop established in an application like Waze).

I figured out the Cyrillic part… Thank you