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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a question about displaying more records at a time in calendar view. 

My company uses a variation of the Shipley method, which employs different colors to denote different stages in a project. I have my entries set to display with a project name, stage, and start/end times, with color formatting determined by certain fields in the record. 

As far as I can tell, you can only see a maximum of 8 entries at a time in a compact format, which is the 2-week view. This seems to be the same both in the interface and the regular view. 

Is there an alternate way to see entries with this type of coloring in a similar compact view? I am not happy with the Gantt, Timeline, or List views, which either spread things out too much or don't have the same coloring options. I would prefer to have a 2-week calendar format that simply has more rows, but I can't figure out if there is a way to do this within the calendar option or if there is something similar available in another feature that would also allow for a 2-week overview.

Any advice would be appreciated!

caelndar view .png

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi there! In case it should help others with the same question, I'll go ahead and paste in some of our thread via Support. 😊


The number of events shown in a calendar view directly correlates to the size of the browser window. For this reason, we'd first suggest either clicking and dragging the window to a fuller size or zooming out in your browser window if you'd like to see more events displayed on-screen (such as in this gif), though otherwise I can confirm that you're currently utilizing the cleanest formatting available in Calendar view for this 2-week interval use case.