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4 - Data Explorer

I run a tree care company employing ten people.

The company owns a large collection of climbing equipment - ropes, harnesses, karabiners etc. (Assets)

Each item of climbing equipment is assigned to a different member of staff

i.e Tom = Rope A, Harness B, Karibiners C & D / Mark = Rope F, Harness J, Karibiners Y, Z

I would like to create a base to record weekly checks of this equipment.

Every week I would like each member of staff to check the condition of their equipment and record as a checkbox ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’

I am new to Airtable and just getting my head around how it works.

Can anyone guide me on how best to arrange the tables within the base.


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Hi @Nick_McQueen,

This example base might get you going in the right direction. I used a join table to join instances of an Asset being in possession of a Technician, a one-to-many relationship for Check records against that join table, and then conditional rollups to pull results and date of the most recent check into the Assets table.

Copy this base into your workspace and dive in to see how it’s structured. There may be modifications you should make so that it better fits your workflow, but like I said, I think it may at least push you in the right direction.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

This is great, thanks for your help! I’ll have a play around. Can you advise on how each technician will interact with this? I don’t want to get too far down the rabbit hole without knowing what I can do!? For example Is it possible to create a form for each technician? They see each item and then mark it as checked? I don’t really want Tom to see Rich’s assets and checks.

Cheers for all the help, very useful.