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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

So I am trying to make a table where we have all the different products we sell on a weekly basis. At the end of the week I want to input the number of each product sold under that products field. That’s the easy part I think. But how do I enter new numbers each week while not erasing the old ones while simultaneously adding the numbers I put in every week to a master table that just shows the number of products sold by each rep.

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Hi @Derek_Dimmick, and welcome to the community!

The records representing each product’s sales are for a given period; it’s not like an inventory table, right? If so, you simply create new records for every new period, thus sustaining the counts for each product and each week.

You need to learn about rollups and grouping by rep. Combined, these two features will get you exactly what you are describing.

Thank you for your response. I’m trying to follow along. When I think I understand, I try it on my table then I get even more confused. I’ve read the articles on the rollup, grouping, linking and a lot of others. I am still so confused.

What I’m trying to do should really be simple. I have about 15 reps that sell a number of different products. We count the products/sales weekly and keep track of it as such. However I want to be able to input the numbers/sales for each week for each product by each rep. Then those numbers essentially stay there only because I want to keep track of the monthly numbers and YTD numbers as we progress.

Yep - makes sense.

Best to share a screen shot of your data or a sample Base that other experts here can look at and advise. It’s difficult to guess how you have your data laid out.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks Bill. Here are some screen shots. The one titled MedSup Board is laid out the way I want it. However the MedSup #'s can be laid out anyway to get the best possible solution. Maybe I don’t even need 2 tables. The only reason I do is because the MedSup board will be shown on a TV, so the whole team doesn’t need to see the other table. Hope this helps.

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 5.05.42 PM Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 5.05.29 PM

Yep - makes sense.

Given data like this in MedSup #'s…


You want to reveal analytics something like this in MedSub Board, right?


How’d I Do This?

The key to this is the link from the board to the detail records and the rollup fields. It is almost certainly not the most elegant way to do this, but I’m not the uber-skilled roll-up expert on this forum. I just happen to me bored waiting for family and I saw this question and had only a little time to play with this.



Sorting and grouping are used to make it all purdy.

Merry Chrismas!

Yes that is almost exactly what I want to happen. however where it shows the roll up, I want the MedSup Board to show the rollup numbers for the current “month” and the current week and then the YTD. Is there anyway to do that. And thank you for all of your help. This is amazing.

now I tried it but this is what my board looks like. I have no idea. It seems when I link fields it creates new fields but doesn’t bring over any of the values.

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 10.50.55 PM

Yes, almost everything you can imagine is possible. Is it possible in Airtable? That’s a deeper question. But one thing is certain, if you are unable to mimic the approach I showed, you probably need some training. I recommend reaching out in this thread to ask if there are any experts who can provide hands-on training to help you implement your vision.