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What's the best base design for a poker league and tracker

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Hey all,

So, I’m trying to create a good poker league base, to track our friendly poker club results.
I’m the only editor and I’m thinking about creating forms to allow other to enlist themselves to tournaments, I’ll create.

So far, the base structure is:

  • Players - personal info about the players in the club, such as name, phone number etc…
  • Tournaments - list of the tournaments with date, properties etc…
  • Leaderboard - as the name suggests, a leaderboard. who earned the most
  • Balance - supposed to be a running balance. deposits by players and money sent to winners
  • Results - Name of a tournament and the winners.

Bear in mind, ClubGG (the poker platform we use) doesn’t has an API. so, we input everything manually.

  1. how would track rebuys in realtime? a form with a “+” button that adds +1 in the “rebuy” column ?
  2. What’s the correct way to list the players in each tournament? one line per registered player or one line and a field that lists multiple players?


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Hi @Omer_Nesher,

This sounds like a fun project. I’ve created something very similar to track points awarded. You can use the logic in it for the leaderboard and probably even tournaments. Essentially, the logic is you note who won and how many points they received. So, you will need a new table for Players. I imagine Balance would live as a field in the Players table (if I understand what you want correctly) and Results would live as a field or fields in Tournaments. The results would actually feed the Leaderboard.

So, I envision 3 tables (Players, Tournaments, and Leaderboard). I would have to think about buy-ins and rebuys, especially for real time. I imagine it could be done using a form. There are details that would need to be worked out though.
As for tracking players, this would just be a linked field in Tournaments, so it would be one field that shows all players associated with that tournament.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Hey Chris,

That’s nice!

I’ll share with you my base when it’s done.

Thanks for the help.