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4 - Data Explorer

How can I get the All of my Spreadsheet lists via API call, I didn’t found That in Documentation,
Suppose, I had five Spreadsheet in the workSpace and I want to get all the Spreadsheet names with their Respective Id How may I do that. Thanks.

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I assume by “spreadsheet lists” you mean “table lists”.

That’s correct because there are no AI methods for discovering bases in a workspace or tables in a base. There are some hacky ways to do this, but it requires some complex programming effort and those approaches are largely brittle - it could break at any time.

Best advice - create a table with a common name that contains a data dictionary of all tables and all fields.

What’re the hacky ways? Do you Have any CURL Request example? It Will Surely help me. thanks in advance.

Perform an HTTP GET request on the API documentation content and parse the HTML to derive the Base and Table schemas (like this).

Not possible to do this in Curl. You must use a scripting environment.