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Airtable Ruby Client

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Nathan Esquenazi, founder of CodePath, created a really nice Ruby client for the Airtable API:

gem install airtable

Please try it out and let us know what you think.

Thanks Nathan!

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I wrote an alternative Airtable client that mimics ActiveRecord’s API more, which makes it easier to work with more complex bases with relationships.

I’m trying Nathan’s Ruby client and it seems to do for me what I want to do. Just one question: is it possible to batch query all records in a table AND sort based on MULTIPLE keys? The example given only sorts by one key, but I need to sort by three separate keys consequtively.

There’s sortBy branch (see I’ll take a look to see if that can be merged into master


Simon, could you update your client’s README to give more usage examples? I’m fairly new to Ruby and while trying hard to create and save records on my table, based on your example, am failing to do so.

@Jyrki_Keisala what problems are you running into? Can you open an issue on the repo?

Have already, and the discussion continues there.