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6 - Interface Innovator

Is there a way to tell Airtable API to ignore unknown fields when creating records via API ?

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What do you mean? When you create records via the API, you specifically specify which fields you want to fill in.

If you give users to create form and map it to Airtable it happens that some fields which are in the form are not in the Airtable, as a result form submission fails, while there could be an option like ignoreUnknown

Yeah, you can’t submit unknown fields to Airtable. I’m pretty sure that most API’s work that way. Even if they don’t, you still can’t do that in Airtable.

Interesting. When I was trying with extra fields I was getting errors. Will try again and post it here.

That’s what I said. You can’t post with extra fields. You will get errors.

What is your definition of “extra fields”? What errors [specifically] are you seeing? You should also share the integration climate - is this the Airtable API used in Python? NodeJS? Script Blocks?