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6 - Interface Innovator

I tried to get an answer to a couple different things im working on over in the formulas section but didnt get the answer i want so im going to try it here.

I am working on a new base that will keep track of fuel used in equipment that i take care of. in one column i have the equipment number, everyday i will be adding a new column to enter the fuel dispensed in each machine that day. The sum at the bottom of that column will let me know the total amount of fuel dispensed for the day but i also need to keep a running total of fuel dispensed for each piece of equipment. My field names will all start with “Fuel” followed by the date… ex (Fuel 1-11-21) , (Fuel 1-12-21) , etc.

Creating a formula for this is easy enough if there was only a few fields to add but adding a new field for each day would make that formula long and would require me to go in and modify the formula each day to add the new field to the calculation. Does anyone know how i can do this with a script where the script will find all fields that contain “Fuel” and then add each cell in each row to a “Total” field? The script would need to overwrite/replace the contents of the Total field each time it is ran.

I appreciate any help in advance, i have been searching for an answer but cant seem to find what im looking for.

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It depends on the skill of the person writing the code. The system I am envisioning would not be hard for me to write, but I’ve been writing Airtable scripts for while. On the other hand, if someone is not comfortable writing scripts or isn’t familiar with the Airtable architecture, it could be hard.

Running the script is the easy part. Just click a button.

Open the text field and read the historical info. The format of the data in the text field would be determined by the script.