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SyntaxError in fetch external API

Hello there,I'm trying to fetch data from a product in one base, then send that information to an external API and then update that new info in other base. The code goes like this: //input of modified product let inputConfig = input.config(); //JSO...

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Using fetch to add attachments

Hey All,I'm looking for a way to add files that are not hosted on a public site. The server hosting the files allows for basic auth so I should be able to pass credentials. I'm wondering if it's possible to use `fetch` in an extension to get the file...

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Multi likes

hello I use airtable as a database for an external application creation solution. I would like to create a Like option but I cannot find the solution because when a user likes it is all the other utilities that see their like so I would like to know ...

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Integrating Emails into AirTable

Hi all,  We are a small nonprofit (team of 14 people), who have been using AirTable for the past year and a half. We love its many functionalities. One thing we're hoping to do is integrate some emails into AirTable. Specifically, we want to write a ...

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Access public airtable data via API

There's a public Airtable that I want to access via API, but I don't have admin permissions to the table (just the link to it). Is it possible to access this data? If it helps answer the question, what I am trying to do is create a program that allow...

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Zipping arrays in Make (Integromat)

Hello everyone!I have a database with multiple linked tables and I have a JSON response with which parts I need to update corresponding records in those tables. To achive that (as I'm thinking) I need to solve a simple problem of zipping two arrays i...

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Extension template for multiple tables

Hey thereI created a simple invoice document extension for a table. Now the new year is coming I created a new table and when I duplicate the extension, choose the new table the extension is empty. I guess the connection/affiliation to the fields are...

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Resolved! Simple Script: update field using another field.

Hello everyone! Relatively new to scripts, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it.Basically, I am trying to convert a currently overloaded automation into a script for easier maintenance and better customization. Overly simplified automation...

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byrnes by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Connecting airtable with payment gateways

Hi There Hope I can get some good info on my issue.I have a client that manages their operations on airtable (We helped set it up).They are now quoting and invoicing from airtable using third party integrations. We are also collecting deposits via a ...

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Embedding 3rd party interface on a website?

Hey all!I'm trying to embed some search functionality on my personal training website, so that users can search for trainers in our team by postcode or specialisms, and then click through to the URL of that trainer once they've found them.My understa...

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Managing Separator Lines in the Form Builder

The form builder allows the creation of groups of fields which are separated by a horizontal rule on the form.Is there a way to control visibility of the entire group, including the horizontal rule, rather than controlling visibility of individual fi...

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