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Copy Base via API

I have a problem, everytime when I creating new base, I need to manually set up all tables. I have the main base that I would like copy(tables, extensions, automations) to others, can I archive that by API or code ?

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Change log for records modification

Hello,I have a Database that includes a table of Users and a Table of inventory (Computers , Monitors, Docking stations and so on).All of our inventory is mapped by serial number.When I give the user a device I assign it to the Air table.I want to ha...

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Please bring back React devtools for custom extensions

React devtools used to be found in the "Advanced" tab while developing a custom extension.  They no longer are and I heard that they got removed for maintenance difficulties.Can you please bring them back or somehow give us a workaround for using the...

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Automation Api chat gpt

Does anyone know of a way to create an automation where when a new recording is created, it uses the GPT chat API as the first column for text input and the second column to get the output response from the GPT chat? For example, column 1 (input) = H...

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