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Programatically click a button

Hello,I am new to Airtable. I am trying to do one automation which is as follows.I have a table named "(OMS) Invoices" having 2 newly added columns which I want to use for this automation.First Column name is "Generate Invoice" which is a button with...

Screenshot 2024-06-13 090058.png Screenshot 2024-06-13 091148.png Screenshot 2024-06-13 090236.png
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Sort list of Records by the order they were created in

How can Sort list of Records by the order they were created in both. Would like to know how I can do them both ascending and descendingI also don't have any created time field I can't create that since I'm using the API And as far as I know it does n...

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Kanban Updates Created Bugs...Planned Fix?

Although the Kanban view has many limitations it was working before the last released update...the bugs are really annoying...limiting staffs ability to work effectively in the Kanban view without refreshing the screen every 2-minutes...what is the p...

Screenshot 2024-06-07 183346.png Screenshot 2024-06-07 183434.png
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How to create a new base with api

I'm following the documentation correctly but getting"error": {"type": "INVALID_PERMISSIONS_OR_MODEL_NOT_FOUND","message": "Invalid permissions, or the requested model was not found. Check that both your user and your token have the required permissi...

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Can I use a script to generate a customer ID

HelloI have a requirement where I want to create a Unique Customer ID based on their name and an incremented numberFor example:I add a new customer "XYZ (North)" and want to generate the Customer ID XYZ001Then I add another New customer "XYZ (South)"...

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