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List records API with filterByFormula

Hello,I have a working API to list the records from base. When I test from postman with below URL, it returns the data as expectedURL:{ "records": [ { ...

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Resolved! How to use Utilitites in airtable script

 var authHeader = "Basic " + Utilities.base64Encode(wordpressUsername + ":" + wordpressPassword); I am getting error at "Utilities"  saying"Cannot find name 'Utilities'"  . I need to send post to wordpress using it's rest api and Utilities is require...

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Find previous record and update date

I am using Airtable as a finance base that enables us to create a financial forecast for the current year.  I want to be able to correctly predict all salaries that are going to be paid out.  All compensation changes for each employee are located in ...

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Resolved! Finding records in a table based on field value

I would like to find records whose ID field match a given value, playlistId, in a specific table I defined as playlistsRecords. In other words, I want to find matches in a field, get their record IDs, and if there are no matches to tell me that there...

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DPG by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

AI-First Attitude Adjustment

Developers who adopt AI-first mindfulness will run circles around their colleagues.I recently saw a new feature request to add a formula to a platform that would proper-case names. Proper case, also known as title case functions, capitalize the first...

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Adding automation to table via API

Hi all,I've been searching a solution for creating (adding) an automation to table that is created via API call.Simplified process would be: 1. User adds a new project (to another system) [OK]2. This invokes process that creates AT table (to existing...

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User Seat Type Information Through Airtable API

Hi I am having difficulty getting information on users seat types (builders,contributors,viewers)I have tried the below API calls 1.Get Base Collabrators2.Get User By ID 3.SCIM list users I cant seem to find the place where this information is stored...

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Clickable "Call phone" button

I would to have a button to click that acts like a browser "tel:1234567899" link.Attempted to do this with the Button field, but it appears that "tel:" hyperlinks does not work to create a button that opens a URL to call a phone. The button is not cl...

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