call/run script when an record is created

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4 - Data Explorer

Need help to call/run a script when a row is created in Airtable. The script will do a REST API call to another server.
We tried to trigger “When Record Created”. but it’s not running the script. need some suggestions.

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Gonna need more details than “it’s not running”, I’m afraid. What isn’t running, exactly? The automation script? Have you checked the logs? Are you sure you’re handling the responses correctly? Fetch will throw if you aren’t babysitting it through the entire process. Can you share the part of the code that isn’t running?

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Also, keep in mind that “When Record Created” triggers the instant that a record is created, which is typically before there is any data in the record. Unless the record was created via a form or with an API, any field values for the record will be blank. So, if you are trying to send user-entered data to the other server, you may need to use a different trigger.