Re: Can I connect to our customers' API keys?

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4 - Data Explorer

Our start-up runs on PostgreSQL database. Many of our customers use Airtable. We are exploring integrations to make their workflow easier. (I am very new to Airtable so please pardon my ignorance)

I believe one simple way we can do this is to let our customers download data from our platform in an Airtable-friendly CSV format. But then our customer would still need to manually upload the CSV to their base right? (not ideal)

Is it feasible for us to connect to our customers’ Airtable API keys (we have may individual users), and allow our customers to automatically pipe information from our system into their Airtable base?

Is there a better way of doing this? I know security is certainly a concern - but we would only do this with the permission of our customers for a specific purpose.

Are there other companies doing this already? Are there other pitfalls I’m not thinking about? Thanks everyone!

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One approach -

  • Create a script block and distribute it freely to all customers who use Airtable.
  • In the block, create the logic necessary for each client to attach to a web service that exposes their data in your PostgreSQL database based on their own Airtable user session ID.
  • The script block would retrieve the data from your system and update the table(s) in the Airtable base where the script block is running (no API keys are required for this because script blocks run in a trusted sandbox of the user’s base).

Thanks Bill - our team will look into this!