Re: Can I get a Script Automation to Run Code on my Computer?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

My question is essentially summed up in the title. If I have a python code saved down on my computer (or G-Drive), can I make an automation in Airtable that will run the python code?

I would be using the Python Code because it already does what I need (runs a SQL script), and if I don’t need to learn how to do that in Javascript - then I won’t.

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Airtable automations do not have access to the local file system. Airtable automations also cannot run Python.

You might be able to find a service that will run you code, and then have the Airtable automation call that service.

Thank you for the response!
Would Airtable have access to my Google Drive if I put the code there instead of my local device?
I know there is some Google Drive integration, but I’ve never looked into it.

You can create a Google App Script and have Airtable call the Google App Script. But you are still stuck needing JavaScript, not Python.

Hi @Christian_Cook,
Can you provide a little more information about your script and what you are trying to accomplish?

Do you want an action in Airtable to trigger the execution of the script, or do you want the output of the executed script to be stored in Airtable?

Essentially, certain forms get updated when there are updates in our Database. When the Database is updated, we need to make a SQL pull to summarize the change.
I was thinking that I would have an Airtable automation that triggers off the form updates. The automation would tell my Python code to run the SQL script that we use to summarize changes.

It sounds like you want to traverse many networks here. What you are saying is not impossible, but is certainly not best practice.

I am guessing a few things here. Python is not running on a server and is installed on your local machine. The database, is this also stored on your local machine, an internal networked server or a connected server?

With Python on your local machine, that machine has to be on, Python must be running. What will happen when your computer is off or doing something else like an update?

There is a python library for Airtable, maybe you can advance your script to periodically check airtable for certain changes, if found, run the command.

No. And this is a good thing. Imagine the security calamities if webhooks could execute code on your local system. :winking_face:

Your Python code is running on an island; there are no bridges, but you can build some. As such, while your Python code does exactly what you need, you must build more code to make it interwebs-accessible.

My sense is that whatever you’ve invested in your Python code to date, multiply that effort by nine to estimate the effort required to make your island-bound code accessible across the mainland. Are you up with that?

If you are, one approach is a Flask wrapper that exposes your code as a service and when it does, Airtable automation scripts can call it. But even that will require a little javascript.