Can I use the scripting extension in automations?

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Hi there! So, I have a funny case. I wanted to connect to a webhook and grab some properties. I needed to create a script since I had nested data. I did that and noticed that I can't use updateRecordAsync() procedure inside scripts in automation. I then switched to Scripting Extension and managed to implement the script there. But, then I can't have inputs from a webhook, that is, I can't add a script from extensions to automation. Am I wrong and is this possible? (I hope) If not, is there another way to use the updateRecordAsync() procedure in automation or to add webhook input into the Scripting Extension?

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I believe you cannot access script extensions via automations, no.

You should be able to use updateRecordsAsync() within an automation though.  What error did you get when using it?  Could you provide a read only link to an example base with the automation and script set up to assist with troubleshooting?

Hi @TheTimeSavingCo , sorry, I mixed up the procedures. I can't use updateOptionsAsync(). And I needed to update options in multiple selection first to update a record with new options.

Ahh, got it.  While you can't create new options via a script, you can create new options via the "Update Record" or "Create Record" actions, and so a potential workaround could involve you having a single record in your table whose sole existence is for you to add new options, or you could create a new record and then use a script action to delete it after

Hacky I know, but eh, it works

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for the suggestion, but this is not an option for me due to the data format I receive 😕