Can't get it to filter through the list in my linked records

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to submit a url query with a filterByFormula to return only dealerships that have the specific brand in them. The brand side is linked, so it’s in a list on the return response and it’s by record ID. How do I build a filterByFormula that will look into a list instead of just the 2nd level value within fields?

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Hi @Kawika_Buttel,

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How about you use a Lookup field (or a Rollup field, based in which works better for you) to bring the data to this table?


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Like a lookup formula in the encoded url? I wasn’t aware I could do that with this API. All of the data is being added, deleted, and modified remotely through the API instead of direct table changes from Airtable’s UI

Actually what i meant is that instead of having the record as Linked record (so it will return a Record ID, not the actual Array), you can use this same record to add a Lookup Field, then the data will be in the form of an Array and you can search it up.

Also, you can simply add a formula field (instead of the Lookup field I suggested) and make it equals to the Linked Field. This will also return the data as an Array and you can search it.

@Mohamed_Swellam This is a question about API functionality.

@Kawika_Buttel Your question ended up in the wrong category (Formulas). I’m moving it to the proper category to discuss API-related concerns.

When using filterByFormula in the Standard REST API, I usually create the formula as a formula field in the user interface first. Once I get the formula field to work to my satisfaction, I port it exactly to the code, only substituting in variable names. At runtime, the filterByFormula string should exactly match the formula field.