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Cannot update the Attachment field

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Hi everyone,

Recently I am facing an error with the following code:

await myTable.updateRecordsAsync([
            fields: {
                'Attachment': [
                        'url': ""

The error

It was totally fine before. I don’t know why?

Thank you

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it has been fixed by AirTable team. So, I will close this topic. @Sasi_C


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Aha…we are also seeing the exact same issue in the last hours, with all our button-triggered extension scripts that finally update an Airtable attachment field…I have tested across the several bases and scripts we use in different contexts that update an attachment fields and all are generating exactly the same Error messages.

I came here to check if anyone else had reported a similar issue and was in fact glad to see you report it!

So its not specific to our scripts, as they have have working without any issues till now. This seems to a more generic issue then with Airtable attachment field update via scripts and hopefully Airtable engineers can resolve it ASAP.

For now, we can’t continue any of workflow that require us to run such attachment field update scripts - so its really critical this is resolved ASAP by Airtable. We have an Enterprise Airtable plan, so I already raised the issue with our Airtable Account Manager and Customer support. Hoping that it will be resolved ASAP.

Yes, I also reported it to AirTable team.

Thank for your information Sasi.

it has been fixed by AirTable team. So, I will close this topic. @Sasi_C